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Tarot Readings with Katalin Koda


Katalin is a visionary author, storyteller, poet, ceremonialist, intuitive energy healer and teacher. She has been connected to the non~human spirit worlds and liminal or threshold spaces since she was a child. Inspired by her grandmother's gifts and mentored by teachers she offers mythic readings to support your life journey. Katalin currently offers Intuitive Tarot and Arcturian Light Body Readings to provide support on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Intuitive Tarot Readings provide clear reflections of your life path in the symbolic and archetypal references found in the images of the cards. Katalin offers her intuitive guidance and supports your discovery through co~created dialogue to find out what is happening in your life and how it is expressed in relationships, work, career, health and spiritual matters.

Arcturian Light Body Readings consist of reading the energy field, chakras and aura. Deep healing of the nervous system is provided through neural repatterning, clearing karmic patterns and ancestral trauma. You will have the opportunity to set intentions and ask questions and receive answers about your health, life path, relationships and spiritual concerns. Arcturians are multidimensional star beings that offer an energetic space of unconditional love to assist in the reset of your life and anchoring the light body.

Both readings offer deep insight into how this relates to your relational interactions, emotional landscape, bodily health, dreams and desires and spiritual inclinations. These discoveries help to understand your own personal soul ecology and purpose on your life path. You can book a Tarot reading OR a Light Body Energy Reading with Katalin. Tarot readings are available as 20, 40 or 60 minute appointments and Light Body Readings are 40 minutes in length.

Earlier Event: July 29
Tarot Readings with Katalin Koda