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Tarot Readings with Lara

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Lara deep dove into her intrinsic mysticism in the midst of her Saturn return when a tarot deck literally fell in front of her feet as she was wandering through a bookstore, seeking guidance during a transitional time.

From the moment she received that piercingly clear sign from the universe, her spiritual path traversed to new realms as she embraced her natural calling as an intuitive tarot reader. Her deep appreciation for authentic human connection is the essence of her reading style, and she channels the cards as a modality for healing, guidance, expansion, and therapy, or “tarotpy” as she likes to call it.  

Lara is humbled and honored to do this work, and it is her goal to create a space for people to feel seen, supported, and safe, as she communicates information in a calm, practical, and genuine manner. You can follow along with her metaphysical musings on instagram @yourtarotpist.

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