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Runes with Lindsey

Lindsey Boldt works collaboratively with you and the runes to interpret the intricate weave of energetic threads that run through your life. She helps create a safe container for magical work by combining Reiki energy healing practices with her own ancestral Germanic and Celtic traditions to prepare sacred space for divination with the runes. Working with the runes, who can be understood as symbols that channel elemental energies, she senses where energy is blocked, and where it wants to flow, which energies are ready and available to be worked with, and which energies might be signaling a warning or need for delay. The runes are important ancestral medicine for Lindsey, and she loves sharing them in hopes that they will spark important connections, ancestral and otherwise, in others. Heads up that the runes don't mince words, so be prepared for some real talk via a loving vessel. Lindsey has been a recurring guest teacher in the Sister Spinster Folk Medicine & Magic of Old Europe class, where she taught classes on ancestral divination practices with the runes. She has studied ancestral remembrance and dreaming with Ancestral Acupuncture and energetic herbalism with Sister Spinster and Ancestral Apothecary. She is also a certified Reiki Master and offers energy healing sessions through Wyrd Energetics.

"Plain and simple: Lindsey is a conjuror, she possesses the second-sight. Her runes speak of chthonic forces, elementals and ancestors and she carries those messages with great force and tremendous curiosity. She was a guest teacher in my Folk Medicine and Magic of Old Europe class for a few years and shared her important efforts around understanding the shadowy history of the runes as well as doing the reparative work of re-connecting the energy of the runes to the original creators of Norse mythology, the Norns. She is an truly welcoming teacher and intuitive, open to sharing her process and deep gifts. Working with Lindsey is highly recommended!" -- Liz Migliorelli, Sister Spinster

"The runes run in Lindsey's blood. She is a traditional seer. I appreciate her experiential, ground-up understanding of her native divination system, combined with a rare and acute intuition. She's also super humble about her gifts. I love consulting her, and use her as a sounding board frequently. I always come away feeling like I have a better understanding of what is going on. She gives clear and practical readings, and helps me connect the dots." - Erin Langley, Ancestral Acupuncture

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