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Seasonal Self Care for Dark Winter Days


Seasonal Self Care for Dark Winter Days

Portland’s long, dark Winters can challenge the spirits of even its long-term residents. Finding self care strategies to support ourselves physically, emotionally, & spiritually can make a significant difference in how we thrive during the darkest days of the year. 

In this workshop, we will be working with several herbal allies to bolster our spirits and ignite our creative fire. We will work with the imagery of how plants embody dormancy, receptivity, restoration, and regeneration to better understand how we can show up for ourselves with care this Winter.

sliding scale $25-$50


Herbalist Brita Zeiler has spent 10 years studying and practicing Western folk herbalism throughout the Pacific Northwest. Brita’s herbal practice cultivates an intimate & intuitive connection to self, plants, ecologies, and people. Emphasizing that medicine making and self care are forms of creativity, enjoyment, and self expression.

Brita currently resides in NE Portland, OR, where she operates the holistic skincare line, Cordial Waters. She also works with clients one on one in herbal consultations, and teaches herbalism & cooking classes throughout the Northwest.