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Radical Visioning with Leah Garza (Crystals of Altamira)

  • Psychic Sister 1829 NE Alberta St. Portland United States (map)
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Your imagination has great power for shifting and creating new realities. In this workshop, we are going to explore how powerful we are in our imaginal states. Radical Visioning is a framework that helps us understand: • Vibrational Laws of the Universe and how we use them. Think Law of Attraction, Law of Compensation, etc • Colonialism and Modernity and these structures have separated us from our power, our intuition, and our innate connection to the etheric realm • The Importance of community and that we are not individuals but members of communities. What affects the one affects all. Radical Visioning asks us to look at our biases, positionality, and trauma from colonialism; how we can use vibrational laws and our abilities to envision to uplift the collective rather than our individual goals. When we seek abundance for all, we are taken care of too!

Sliding scale $20-$40, scholarships available

Just like you, Leah Garza is an eternal being of light. She has spent the last two decades in the world of education, and through her own experience as a student, and later as a teacher, she came to understand the ways in which the school system oppresses us, from crushing our spirits to diverting our dreams and tracking us into prison. Leah’s work now is centered on the intersection of healing and decoloniality. Leah has been giving workshops, classes, meditations, and healing work to help people, especially womxn of color, reconnect to the innate and eternal power of their soul, and take inspired action to create the lives they dream of, from a place of radical love and compassion. She lives in East Hollywood, with her boyfriend, and cat Lil Barrington.