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Hidden & Forbidden: Women's Dark Moon Wisdom

Hidden & Forbidden – Women’s Dark Moon Wisdom

A 3-part series exploring the fearsome power we hold as women.

We are seers, healers, shape shifters and wisdom keepers.

We spin the threads of fate, weave the Web of Wyrd and remember the future.

We bleed with the moon. We see in the dark.

We give birth from our bodies and we midwife death.

We are feared and revered.

It’s time to remember our Sovereignty.

Hidden & Forbidden – Women’s Dark Moon Wisdom

Week One: Women As Darkness

Week Two: Women As Witches

Week Three: Women As Blood

Dates: June 5, 12 & 19

Time: 7:15-8:45

Cost: $90

Location: Psychic Sister 1829 NE Alberta Street Suite C

Portland OR 97211 (entrance is on NE 19 th )

This series is being taught by Ingrid Kincaid. Ingrid is an internationally known

author and educator. She is a seer, community elder and a staff carrying Völva in the

Norse tradition. Her work is rooted in the runic wisdom of her tribal, pre-Christian,

European ancestors and her teachings create a beautiful web of creativity, mystery

and earth-based spirituality.