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Hoodoo and Intersectional Magick

May 16 • 7:30-9PM • $15 for POC • $40 for non-POC

Hoodoo is African American and indigenous folk magick grown out of cultural oppression under colonialism and used towards practical problems and survival concerns. But it is so much more than that. It is also Ancestrally rooted, queer inclusive and about extreme reverence, respect and veneration for the culture and community. It’s built to take one from “survive to thrive”. Bran Hernandez will not only cover the practical aspects of the diasphoric tradition but also the theory, context and mindset behind the magick and how to apply it and make it beautiful, reverential, and useful. As well as show a few twists and respectful innovations of his own. Class is open to all levels.

Bran Logan Hernandez is a hereditary enchanter, witch and conjurer who grew up practicing old school Hoodoo, New Orleans Voodoo, European Witchcraft and Curanderismo. (IG: Sirbrantheblessed) Bran has many students and clients throughout the community that come to him for readings, magickal education as well as various tricks, spells and fixes. Bran takes the approach that “one should know the rules and then transcend them through rigorous study, humor, practice and innovation”. He applies this approach to his personal practice, his classes and his magickal work within the Portland area. He is currently writing a much anticipated series of zines and an occult book titled “Mixed Kid Magick: Journeys in Magick through Racial and Queer Identity and Intersectionality”. In addition Bran is a founder and leader of the PDX innovative community coven Zephyrhaus (IG: Zephyrhauscircle) Bran also loves pizza rolls and at some point intends on getting married on a unicorn. (And yes, he intends to wear white. Ok, cream).