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Reclaiming the Runes from the Patriarchy

Reclaiming The Runes From The Patriarchy: A Three Part series

Runes are primal, sentient beings whose origins are steeped in the mystery of the dark. Some things can only be seen in the dark. Rune wisdom is ancient earth wisdom that guided the lives of indigenous Northern European tribal people. They are not a mere magical alphabet. They are older than the Vikings and they do not belong to Odin. During this series Ingrid will take you on a journey to the ancestors exploring ways to unlock rune secrets by listening to them whisper. She will explore their connection with the Wells of Remembering that are hidden in the roots of the World Tree, guarded by the Nornir. She will also call upon some of the powerful giantesses who existed long before the gods and share their stories, as they might tell them, without the patriarchal overlay.

Monday April 8 from 7-8:30
Part One: Return To The Dark Wisdom Of The Nornir

Monday April 15 from 7-8:30
Part Two: Angrboda, Shape Shifting She Wolf

Monday April 22 from 7-8:30
Part Three: Skadi, Warrior Huntress Of Jotunheim

Cost for Series: $90

Signed copies of Ingrid’s book The Runes Revealed-an (un) familiar Journey will be available for purchase.

Ingrid Kincaid, the Rune Woman, is an internationally known author and educator. She speaks of herself as an irreverent wise woman. Her work is rooted in the indigenous, tribal wisdom of her pre-Christian Northern European ancestors. She is dedicated to helping people reconnect with their roots, reclaim their heritage and heal ancestral grief.

Earlier Event: April 20