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NOURISHED INTUITION: a four-week exploration

What is your relationship to your intuition? Can you hear its voice clearly? This class is to help us strengthen our connection to our intuition. Over the four weeks, we will work with a variety of tools - meditation, flower essences, embodiment practices, and more - to identify and build a nest for the voice of our intuition. We will tend to that voice, nurture it, keep it warm, feed it, listen to it, and take it out into the world. We will walk away with daily tools for tapping into our intuitions, practices for discerning what is intuition vs what is thinking/static/panic, and flower essences + gemstones to work with to support in listening to our inner voices.

In our world, there are so many ways that we can be alienated from this voice - through our families and our cultures. I believe that we live inside of systems (like patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy) that thrive on our individual and collective disconnection from our intuitions, which is also the place of our connection to each other and to nature. The act of healing our relationship to our intuition is radical and healing on a personal and collective level.

No prior experience is necessary, and this class is for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship to their intuition.

Disclaimer: some of the practices we will work with will be body-based, with being aware of where we feel different feelings in our bodies. These exercises will be gentle and general, but folks with a trauma history may want to make sure they have outside support from a therapist or other healer in case doing work in this way is triggering. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns, or accommodations you need!

Liz Long is a channel and intuitive healer whose work is to connect people to their inner guidance, wisdom and joy.

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