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JOURNEY SPACE: Sacred Sound Experience

Journey Space: Sacred Sound Experience • $25

This is an opportunity to relax into yourself and allow your body to run a restorative energy process supported by the vibrations being created in the space. This sound healing container has a special emphasis on inner exploration, promotes and empowers your self-healing capabilities to activate and hold space for any messages that your higher guidance would like to bring to you while you sit, lay or move and receive the sound. The sound experience is a fusion of healing tones, mantras, light language and guided meditations to activate your awareness in various layers of your consciousness and body experience. The intention of this space is always to transmit sound the serves the highest good of all Beings present with ease and grace.


The Light Of Compelling Radiance

May the light within us, shine brightly, may it see with clarity our eyes, recognizing and honoring itself and all of our reflections.


Treneti Brown graduated with a B.A. in dance-making from Columbia College Chicago in 2012. Deeply invested in the self healing capabilities of the human body, Treneti went on to develop and teach somatic healing movement techniques throughout North and Central America. On her journey, Treneti began to explore the ways in which sound vibrations can accelerate the healing process of the body. This led her on the path of sound healing. Treneti has shared her sound healing transmission, in large groups, ceremonies, performances and in private sessions with one-on-one clients throughout the country. Treneti is deeply invested in the study and practice of Ancient Sanskrit Mantra and weaves in this wisdom into all of her sessions. Treneti is a powerful vocalist and bassist, tuning her instruments to the Earth’s resonance of 432hz she brings a unique expression of soulful resonance with the tonality of the acoustic electric bass and her voice. Along with bass and vocal Treneti works with additional high quality sound healing instruments such as authentic Indian Master Singing Bowls, Quartz Crystal Bowls, DNA Frequency Chimes, Tuning Forks and Native American Medicine Drums. Treneti’s sound healing is dynamic and eclectic, it brings forth echoes from the center of the Earth, the Ancestors and the Cosmos above. She aims only to transmit the frequencies that serve the highest good of all Beings receiving the music. She is known for the potency and warming embrace her session provide for restorative subtle body healing.