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Build Your Own Herbal Apothecary: Winter Wellness Workshop Series

Build Your Own Herbal Apothecary: Winter Wellness Workshop Series

In this hands-on seasonal series, we will learn the technical aspects of herbal medicine making, along with the creative side of formula building and flavor combining. How to incorporate herbs into our daily lives through self care strategies, cooking techniques, and more. Each season: Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall, will have a dedicated 3-class session.

In each session we will make a product that you will get to take home to enjoy. By the end of the Build Your Own Herbal Apothecary Series you will have created a full apothecary, along with the knowledge necessary to create herbal remedies at home.

Seasonal herbal medicine is an empowering tool to support our wellness. Through making our own medicines from the plants abundant around us, we build resiliency within ourselves that expands into our communities. Simply preventing a cold, or finding a stress reduction strategy has a significant impact on our quality of life.


Digestive Bitters March 24, 2019, 6:30-8:30pm

For various factors, including heavier meals & decreased physical activity, our digestion in winter months slows down. A traditional way to keep digestion functioning is with the aid of bitter herb tonics, known as Bitters. The bitter flavor stimulates digestion, allowing the body to assimilate nutrients from food more fully, reducing gas & bloating, supporting beneficial gut flora, and gently stimulating bowel movement. Side benefits of consuming bitter elixirs include common skin complaint (acne, dryness, dermatitis, eczema, etc) resolution, decrease in sugar cravings, and relaxation during meals. In this class we will discuss digestion holistically, taste various bitter elixirs for inspiration, and blend our own custom Bitter blends to use at home.

Limited seats, please register in advance.
Cost: $25-55 per class

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Herbalist Brita Zeiler has spent 10 years studying and practicing Western folk herbalism throughout the Pacific Northwest. Brita’s herbal practice cultivates an intimate & intuitive connection to self, plants, ecologies, and people. Emphasizing that medicine making and self care are forms of creativity, enjoyment, and self expression.

Brita currently resides in NE Portland, OR, where she operates the holistic skincare line, Cordial Waters. She also works with clients one on one in herbal consultations, and teaches herbalism & cooking classes throughout the Northwest.

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