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Haunting The Edge When The Veil Is Thin -A Ritual As We Enter Into The Dark

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Haunting The Edge When The Veil Is Thin -
A Ritual As We Enter Into The Dark

This time of year the doorway into the dark swings open. We are entering the time of cold and flickering light. The veil is thin between this world and the Other and our ancestors come forward with wisdom and warnings. There are mysteries that lurk in the dark time of year and there is richness in death and decay for they are vital to the new growth that comes again in spring. Life cannot exist without death.

Our ancestors lit fires on hill tops and gathered together to share feasting and dancing and a calling forth of the old ones. They sang to their dead as they walked the road to Helheim, into the arms of Hela. They understood that all life return to the darkness of the earth so it can be transformed and come again in the never ending cycles of existence.

These rituals are always powerful experiences. You will be changed. You must come prepared to participate fully.

Cost: $30

Earlier Event: October 27
Later Event: November 10
Seasonal Self Care for Dark Winter Days