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Welcoming 2019 with Embodied Astrology


Join Renee Sills, author and producer of the Embodied Astrology podcast for an experiential and experimental journey into the near future. Renee provides clear, fun and accessible means of understanding the esoteric, symbolic language of astrology. As a language of light, resonance and vibration, you’ll learn how the planets and signs work through your body and environments. We’ll consider the major upcoming planetary transits of 2019 and learn how to work with these energies and events through embodiment, breath, and awareness. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a basic map for the next 12 months of upcoming opportunity periods, potential challenges, and best practices to take advantage of the astrological weather.

This class is open and accessible to all, no previous knowledge or experience with astrology is required.

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Renee Sills is a multidisciplinary artist, author, astrologer and educator. The throughline of her work is ongoing investigation of spirituality, mindfulness, creative agency and the adaptive processes of the human body in contemporary landscapes. As an educator, Renee’s unique facilitation style blends embodiment practices (somatics, yoga, dance,) environmental and relational mindfulness, esoteric philosophical study, and creative expression. Renee currently teaches yoga and movement, anatomy, astrology, and contemporary art practices nationally and internationally. She is the author of Embodied Astrology and is a full-time artist based in Portland OR. Learn more at

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Highest Gift with Raina Imig