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Together Now: A Benefit Concert for Rainforest Reforestation

Without the trees, we have no air to breathe,

no rain to fill our rivers and streams,

no clean water to drink,

no clouds to provide us with shade from the Sun.

Without trees this Earth would become arid and dry

and would soon crumble beneath our feet

because the root systems of our trees and the mycelial networks

literally hold us TOGETHER.


So we come TOGETHER NOW, on September 9th, 2018 as human beings to celebrate, honor and give back to our elders the Trees. This event is a gathering of remembrance and reconnection to our role as stewards and guardians of this Earth. We will sing, we will dance, we will conversate and we will love each other on this New Moon, being examples of how humanity can step out of the mind and into the heart into the body and live in alignment with the Earth.

Your ticket contribution will be supporting Association Community Carbon Trees. A powerful non-profit reforestation organization, planting trees and nourishing the ecosystem in our Costa Rican Rainforest. We are coming together as artist and lightworkers to share our gifts and show our love for this beautiful planet we get to live in. So come together with us my friends let us co create the energy to build a brighter future on planet eARTh.

The Experience

Opening Innovocation by Tatiana
Tatiana will be leading us through an experiential invocation prayer, honoring the trees and the spirit of the rainforest.

Ambient Sonic Activation by Vibrational Souls
Chaz Pro aka Vibrational Souls offers a world flavor, mixing music from all over the globe with a deep spiritual vibe. He has been mixing music for over 20 years, crossing his old skool DJ style with his vast palette of sound healing modalities, creating a powerful healing dance vibrational experience. He will be opening us up with a sound healing downtempo experience!

Gaia Psalms by Treneti
Treneti, Experimental Soul Musician and Light Alchemist will be playing offering a series of songs, mantras and poems inspired by the Earth Mother Gaia.

The Rainforest Orchestra
An ensemble of high vibrational musicians coming together in improvisation to channel the spirit of the rainforest through mystic soundscapes and potent vocal transmission.




Illzen Sphinx

Chaz Pro

And more  

Tarot Readings by
Erin the Aquarian
Erin the Psychic Witch


More creative contributors being announced soon.

About our Organization:

Association Community Carbon Trees (ACCT)


About ACCT:


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