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Tarotstrology is an interactive workshop to explore astrology, tarot, and the intersection between the two. This recurring monthly class will focus on the Sun and Moon as they travel through the signs, deepening understanding of the zodiac through sign polarities and the corresponding Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. Tarotstrology workshops are tailored to meet the needs of attendees, but generally includes facilitated discussion on astrological archetypes, conversation about the chart of the moment and current astrological transits, meditative energy work exercises, and tarot practice.

Please Bring To Class: Notebook & pens. Participants who have a tarot deck and a copy of their birth chart are encouraged to bring them - however, this class is appropriate for beginners and advanced students alike.

Cost: $33

About the Facilitators:

Erin Aquarian is a “full time witch” based in Portland, Oregon. Her work with tarot focuses on healing and empowerment for people, tending trauma, and challenging the systems of oppression that have made our world and shaped our lives. Erin views tarot as a tool for whole self wellness, deprogramming oppressive conditioning, DIY healing, and creative liberation.

Kelsey Bee is an astrologer, facilitator, caretaker, and unapologetic radical deep lez water creature. She views astrology as a symbol-based language and tool for healing, self-actualization, and liberation. Trained as a community health researcher and advocate, Kelsey believes in the importance of examining socially constructed realities before applying them to our relationship with the planets. Learn more about her work at

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