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Ceremonial Tarot

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Ceremonial Tarot is a unique approach to the ancient system of divination and spiritual evolution. In this workshop we create and deepen your connection to Tarot wisdom in an embodied, practical and celebratory form. Ceremony is a container to put a specific intention into form and create a direct link to our soul through myth, symbol and the elements. Using methods that include journaling, ceremony creation and mythic story-telling we discover our own personal and collective connection to the Tarot.

The cards as a path will be introduced and deepened in two ways:
~ Exploring the Fool's mythic journey through the ancient archetypes found in the Major Arcana to discover both connections to each archetype as well as the transitions between the cards.
~ Learning and studying the elements of earth, water, air and fire in relation to the Minor Arcana suits of pentacles, cups, swords and wands respectively.

You will walk away from this workshop with a deeper and embodied understanding of the Tarot cards which will assist you on your journey and empower you to give clear readings for yourself and others. Ceremonial Tarot is appropriate for beginners as well as more advanced readers.


About the Teacher:
Katalin Koda is a visionary author, ceremonialist, intuitive healer and Tarot reader. She has been studying and working with the system of Tarot for over twenty years. Her readings address all issues of life including spiritual matters, work, relationship and health issues. She is guided by the wisdom of the cards and her intuitive view of the soul's journey. This empowers clients to deepen their connection to the meaning of the cards and embody the transformations through ceremony. She is currently working on a book entitled Ceremonial Tarot and offers readings and healings in Portland and by phone. Find more at

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