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Decolonizing Menstruation for Black, Indigenous & Brown Bodies

  • Psychic Sister 1829 Northeast Alberta Street Portland, OR, 97211 United States (map)

Against a backdrop of miseducation and disconnection, it is our intention to hold safe, healing space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) who menstruate, have menstruated, or whose bodies cycle with the moon, to learn about the biology and phases of the menstrual cycle, learn herbal medicine and rituals for caring for ourselves, explore the impact of racism and trauma on our bodies, and learn about our connection to the lunar cycles. We'll make medicine together and drink tea as we decolonize ourselves and reclaim our own healing power.



Lara Pacheco runs Seed & Thistle Apothecary, an educational resource, and co-runs the seasonal wellness clinic that works to provide access to herbal medicine and massage for marginalized communities and brown girl rise, a youth empowerment program for young femmes of color.

Allie Dyer is an Afro-Caribbean medical student with a background in community organizing and health education and a specific interest in reproductive and generative justice. She has a passion for bridging western medicine and traditional wisdoms in service of the liberation of all African people and all oppressed under the current colonial and capitalistic systems. 

Jeevan Singh is a multiracial South Asian-Latinx queer healer who specializes in holistic womb and pelvic healing, weaving in spirit and science. As an acupuncturist and herbalist, she incorporates uterine massage, pelvic floor therapy, herbal pelvic steams and ancestral connection into her sessions.