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Crowey, Dashenka, Moss Wand


An evening of chill, vibrational and emotionally stimulating music.

Cost: $5-$7


Dashenka: This music is a little boat. Get in, take off your shoes if you are wearing any, and go away for a little while. Though a bit foggy and dreamy, the undulations will eventually bring you back to shore.

Crowey: The sound of moving clouds inspires the movement of water within, washing away hardened soil to reveal the true vulnerability and depth of the heart.

Moss Wand: Moss Wand was born out of the death and rebirth of the forest floor-of the fallen pine needles, the decaying leaves, the dried moss and lichen of the Pacific Northwest. By uniting the grounded and primal reverberations of crystal singing bowls with surreal musings of synthesizers, Moss Wand channels the crystallization of the vast expanse of Mother Earth with the infinite potential of the Cosmos. 

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