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Corpse Pose Sound Ceremony, October Full Moon


Sun Horse Sound Healing and Psanctum Psychedelia present: Corpse Pose Sound Ceremony, October Full Moon. During October’s Full Moon, Sun Horse Sound and very special guests offer you a special Gong and Bell Bath. We will activate The Golden rays of the Sun Gong, and together with an ensemble of drums, strings, flute, and singing bowl, will guide a deep practice of svavassana or corpse pose, using supportive rhythms and toning vibrations.

Sun Horse Sound and Psanctum Psychedelia invite you into a personal meditation on your own death. As Autumn 🍂leaves fall, we offer you a supported space to practice the yoga pose, and a seasonal ritual, of dying, death, decomposition, and transmutation. We invite you to come lay down and feel gravity’s pull. Lay and melt and let the sounds wash through the layers of your self as you meditate, experience, decompose, shed, and reintegrate. Reawaken into a grounding communal setting, before you step outside into October’s full moonlight.

Special guest musicians include: Aimee Beckwith (Horse Cult) Joshua Alder (Horse Cult) Eric Eiden (Ninth Moon Black) Jake Bevis (Sun Horse Sound Healing) Sylvia Blacktooth (Sun Horse, Horse Cult)

COST: $23

RSVP: (503)312-0746 or FB message Sylvia Blacktooth of Sun Horse Sound.

Sun Horse Sound Healing is a coordinated collective of skillful musicians who host sound healing events, play for meditations, and perform sound ceremonies for small groups and private clients.

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