We sense you have questions.

How Do I Sell/Trade Clothes?

It's easy! Come in on a Tuesday between 11-6pm with your vintage items. Let a Sister know you would like to sell clothes and she will take a look!

What are you looking for?

Hard to say! We never see the same thing twice. We give preferential treatment to clean, well-kept clothing in natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton) that are over 20 years old. We love classic brands of any age (Levi's, Pendelton, Dior, Comme de Garcon et al). If it is old we want to take a look regardless of its condition or fiber, though no moldy or smoky clothes please! In terms of shoes, older is not better, and we prefer comfort, classic and designer brands. If in doubt, bring it in!

How do you value the clothes?

Our business is built on solid ethics. We are creating an easy alternative to donating to Goodwill or staging an all-day yard sale by offering to buy and trade directly with you, our neighbor! You are supporting our business while we support you in getting rid of the things you don't need and finding the things you do! There are a lot of factors that go into the value of a vintage piece. We're happy to discuss our rubric which includes condition, era, fiber, size, rarity, and likely turnaround time. Please know we are always offering you a generous amount and our gratitude.

What's the difference between cash and trade?

We offer a cash amount and double that for trade. You can decide which you'd prefer. If you choose trade, you can use it right away or keep it on file at the shop. Trade is good for used clothing and merchandise and works at 70% for new and handmade items.